The Top 5 Questions We’re Asking After Extreme Rules 2016 –

Apart from a couple of dodgy moments I largely enjoyed Extreme Rules 2016. But like all PPVs in WWE it has left us with some questions. So here are the top 5 things we’re asking after Extreme Rules 2016 (spoilers ahead) –

Is Rollins’ return setting up the The Shield triple threat in the near(ish) future?

Rejoice! Crossfit Jesus is back! Seth Rollins saved us from another flat end to a Pay Per View by running into the ring and flattening a victorious Roman Reigns with a pedigree, before holding the WWE World Championship aloft. So where does this declaration of intent leave us? Obviously Reigns and Rollins are going to fight over the championship right now but with Ambrose probably now finished with Chris Jericho there is scope to include the Lunatic Fringe in the feud. Will this happen from the off or will we get Rollins v Reigns 1 on 1 for a bit before Ambrose gets involved? Might the Money in the Bank briefcase factor into the situation? When will the triple threat happen? Summerslam maybe?

What’s next for AJ Styles?

That’s two straight clean defeats for AJ Styles in PPV matches for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and, with Rollins now showing up, it looks like the Phenomenal One may move away from the championship spotlight. So where does he go from here? Well the IC Title picture is pretty busy and I don’t think he’ll be challenging for the US Title next (more on that later). I think he may just get some filler matches and end up competing in the Money in the Bank match, as there is no clear rival for him currently on the roster. After that? Goodness only knows.

Why can’t we get a definitive finish to a Women’s Title match?

As I have mentioned before, I bloody love Dana Brooke. She has plenty of work to do on her in-ring performance but she has developed so much since her NXT debut that I think with time and a little patience she will be a huge asset to the WWE women’s division. However her interference in the submission match between Nattie and Charlotte was just a weird, annoying finish to the match. It reduces Charlotte’s prestige as a champion, as it’s another dodgy finish to help her retain her title. Why couldn’t Charlotte have just won clean? I don’t have a problem with Dana siding with Charlotte as an enforcer of sorts but couldn’t Charlotte have just got one clean win to prove she is a credible champion who can get the job done?

Is Rusev just going to get fed to John Cena?

One of the best moments of Extreme Rules was seeing Rusev MACHKA-ing the ever-loving shit out of Kalisto and claiming the US Title while looking like an utter beast. His and Lana’s performance in the Social Media Lounge on the pre-show was also excellent. An interesting part of the interview with Tom Phillips was a real playing up of the anti-American sentiment from Rusev and Lana. In his feud with Kalisto the rhetoric has always been about squashing the inferior opponent but this switch to more anti-Americanism looks like it is just being used to set up a feud with the returning John Cena. The more Anti-American Rusev gets the more likely it looks that John Cena will use his return on the ultra-patriotic Memorial Day to come after the Bulgarian Brute and his US Title. So is Rusev just going to be a transitional champion? Unfortunately I think this is likely. Is this a good thing? Obviously not. Rusev has huge potential, he is fantastic in ring, brilliant in interviews and promos and his partnership with Lana is endlessly entertaining. The only way Rusev being a transitional champion could be a good thing is if he drops the title soon enough to be in the Money in the Bank match and gets the briefcase. Lana and Rusev with the MITB briefcase would just be a wonderful thing.

Was that IC Title Fatal Fourway the WWE match of the year so far?

Easily the match of the night, the fatal fourway had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through – an explosive start with the Helluva Kick, an epic Cesaro Swing, so many false finishes, every man playing their part brilliantly, it was a superb example of how good multi-person matches can be. Personally I would have preferred Cesaro to get the win after KO and Zayn took each other out of the equation but The Mix retaining also worked really well. So where does it rank in the WWE matches of the year so far? Personally I still prefer Zayn v Nakamura but this is a close second, beating out the Fastlane Triple Threat title match and Wrestlemania IC Title ladder match.

Other questions we have –

Do you think Chris Jericho has got all the thumbtacks out yet?

Seriously, that was brutal. I didn’t think they were going to use them until it actually happened, but fair play, it was a hell of a spot. WWE does slowly seem to be pushing the boundaries of PG, with occasional blood and moments like this.

Will Corbin finally be allowed to wrestle someone who isn’t Dolph Ziggler?

Surely that’s the end of the feud now?

Are they ever going to stop bullying Byron Saxton?

“Byron, if you were on life support I’d unplug you & charge my iPhone” That’s the second time JBL has wished Byron dead in a week. #BeAStar

Will Anderson and Gallows make a run at the WWE Tag Team Titles now?

The Club beat The Usos fairly comfortably at Extreme Rules and The New Day overcame The Vaudevillians. Whilst Gotch and English will probably get another shot at the titles, due to Kofi’s shenanigans last night, it seems doubtful they will win. is certainly hinting at the possibility of The Club going after the tag team gold, so it will be interesting to see how the tag team division looks after Raw.

So there we go, plenty of questions after the latest PPV, and hopefully we’ll get some answers tonight on Raw. So what are you pondering after Extreme Rules? Think you’ve got the answers to our questions? Let us know in the comments or take a metaphorical kendo stick/mop to me on Twitter at @CellarDoorChris. You can also tweet UK Wrestling Fans at @WrestlingFansGB.


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