ROH Review – 9/4/16

Coming to you from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, NV. ROH returns with another stacked 60 minutes of wrestling action. Before we start, my name is Steve and I’m a new writer here. I’m sure you’ll find out more about me as we go on.

We kick off with Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III ringside as per usual. They announce War Machine are defending their tag team titles against Roppongi Vice. Also, Kenny Omega returns to ROH to face ACH and the main event is the first Fight Without Honor to be broadcast on free TV. Dalton Castle faces “The Last Real Man” Silas Young in that one. Up first though is the match for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

War Machine © vs Roppongi Vice – ROH World Tag Team Title Match


Romero comes out in a Black Tiger mask. That was cool. War Machine make their entrance but Roppongi Vice knock them off of the apron and then they each perform a suicide dive in stereo onto War Machine. I should point out for non-ROH viewers that War Machine consist of Ray Rowe and Hanson while Roppongi Vice consist of the veteran Rocky Romero and former WWE superstar Trent Barretta. Romero and Rowe get into the ring to start the match. Vice take advantage of the pre-match assault to inflict damage on Rowe before the power of Rowe evens out the match. All four men come in and Rocky does his spot on the ropes before Hanson boots him onto the floor.

Commercials come and go to find War Machine attempting to double team Trent before he counters and makes the hot tag. Rowe regains control over Rocky quite quickly. They double team him before Trent makes the save. Rowe ends up on the floor to allow Vice to double team Hanson. Rowe finds his way back in a couple minutes later. They hit a collision double power. They tease their finish before Vice come back with some high spots. Rowe hits an apron bomb on Trent. This leaves Rocky alone in the ring with War Machine. They hit Fallout for the win. Really fun opener that made both teams look good.

Donovan Dijak comes out accompanied by Prince Nana. Nana cuts a promo putting over Dijak. He hands the microphone over. Dijak comments on spending his first year in ROH protecting Jay Lethal and the House of Truth. He goes on before being attacked by Jay Lethal. This is because DIjak sent Martini to the hospital on a previous show. The brawl continues with many security guards struggling to break them up. The beautiful Taeler Hendrix was there as well.

Dalton Castle cuts a backstage promo saying that Silas beat him before because he was fighting “for the boys”. He says that he is now fighting “to hurt you”.

ACH vs “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega



ACH makes his usual fast-paced entrance to the ring. The ominous music then hits as Kenny Omega makes his way out accompanied by The Young Bucks. This entrance was great. Omega is wearing a camouflage Young Bucks shirt. Omega is very over here in Vegas. Legendary NJPW referee Tiger Hattori is in charge of this one. The crowd is loud as the match kicks off. They begin by grappling. They then separate and trade the advantage before ACH hits a Steve Austin style elbow drop. He attempts a Stunner but it’s reversed. He regains control though. ACH goes outside only to receive a super by Matt Jackson. They claim he slipped on a banana peel. Omega was distracted while this happened. In a funny moment, “The Cleaner” proceeded to mop up the banana skin.

We head to commercials featuring an Adam Cole promo. We return to a rest hold, obviously. ACH breaks out of the headlock before Omega takes advantage again, only to be countered by ACH. This is a very back and forth match. ACH hits a Jordan on Omega and the Bucks. Back in to the ring for a superplex tease before Omega gets knocked off and ACH hits a stomp to the back. Omega goes for One Winged Angel but it’s reversed into a Brainbuster for a two count. More back and forth action. Omega starts tuning up the band. The kick is caught. ACH goes for a stunner but that’s reversed in a spot straight out of the late 90s. ACH hits the stunner but Omega is out at two. ACH goes for Midnight Star. Kenny moves and catches ACH with a knee to the head. He hits the One Winged Angel for the three. Very good match. Would stand out on any show.

Dalton Castle vs Silas Young – Fight Without Honor (Street Fight)


Silas comes out first. He comes out with a bin lid. Dalton Castle’s music is met with the usual pop. Dalton sprints the ring and the fight goes outside very quickly. Dalton teases a dive before following through the second time. Dalton finds and chair and goes to the back of Dalton. The brawl continues outside as Dalton injures his hand. Silas finds another chair and stands them against each other. He goes for a suplex but to no avail. We come back from commercial to find a table and a ladder have come into play. Silas catches Dalton and hits a powerbomb onto the two chairs. The fight returns to the ring as Silas shoots the half for a two. Silas gets Dalton in an STF but he gets out. Silas goes for his springboard moonsault following a handstand but lands on the ladder. Both guys are hurting at this stage and the “boo-yay” punch sequence occurs. Dalton gets the better but Silas hits a cutter for a two. Dalton then kicks out of Misery. Silas brings back the bin lid as well as a microphone.

He trash talks Dalton while beating on him, but out run The Boys. Silas tries to go for the kill but Boy 1 jumps on his back with the most high-pitched squeal you’ll ever hear. He is immediately flipped off. Boy 2 runs in and gets in some offense before being dumped outside. Dalton has a second wind but Silas dumps him out. He tries to dive on Dalton but The Boys sacrifice themselves and take the fall. Dalton gets back in the ring for a suicide dive on Silas. Dalton brings him in for a Deadlift German. Two count. Dalton ends up throwing Silas out of the ring and through the table, to which the crowd chant “You Just Killed Him”. Silas Young somehow kicks out. Dalton goes for a low blow into a roll up but Dalton kicks out. Dalton finds his feet and hits a Bangarang onto a chair for the three! Confetti falls as Dalton finally gets his win over Silas Young.

Overall, a very fun show! You can check it out this Thursday for free on Next week we have a highlights show from the recent Honor Rising events that took place in Japan a couple of weeks back. I have yet to see those shows, so that could be a good watch.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! This is my first piece for the website so any support means a lot. You can find me at @SCFack on Twitter. Tell me what you think, I’d love any feedback, and you can also tweet us at the official account at @wrestlingfansGB.

For now though, I’ll catch you down the road.


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